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‘Skyfall,’ the new James Bond film, prompts the question: which 007 flick boasts the best title?

Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig, Bond villain and Bond in “Skyfall.” (LUKE MACGREGOR/REUTERS)

As noted in today’s morning mix, the next James Bond movie — the one that will star Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem, under the direction of Sam Mendes — now officially has a name: “Skyfall.”

At the press conference in London, very few details about the 23rd 007 flick, which begins production on Monday, were released.

A dispatch from Post London reporter Karla Adam:

“In addition to Craig and Bardem, the film will also star Dame Judi Dench as M, Bond girls Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw ‘who will be playing a part I can’t tell you about in scenes I can tell you nothing about,’ as well as ‘Albert Finney, who will also be playing a part I can tell you nothing about in scenes that I can’t really tell you about and Ralph Fiennes, who, similarly, I can give you very little information about,’ said director Sam Mendes.”

Not surprisingly, it’s also unclear what the title of “Skyfall” means. But we do know that, in the fine tradition of James Bond movies, it’s a title that sounds both cool and tantalizingly vague. You know, sort of like “Quantum of Solace,” the Bond movie that preceded it.

As we prepare for the ongoing trickle of leaked photos from the set of the movie formerly known as “Bond 23,” let’s take this opportunity to rank, from coolest to least cool, all the Bond movie titles. (Note: Before you ask, “Never Say Never Again” is not included because it was not an “official” Bond film in the Eon Productions series )

Rank the titles below with the knowledge that, clearly, “Octopussy” is going to be No. 1:

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