Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: the next Walter Cronkite? (Peter Kramer/AP)

The CNN host put every major news network on his “RidicuList” Wednesday for not having the foresight to let the “Jersey Shore” star deliver the day’s stories.

Yes, on the “ The News According to Snooki,” Polizzi doesn’t shy away from serious topics like climate change (“I’m sweaty in places I’ve never sweated before”) and Hurricane Irene power outages (“You can’t even watch TV!”)

“You know what I think Heaven is like? I think it’s like curling up for eternity in a big fluffy cloud made entirely of Snooki logic,” Cooper revealed of the broadcaster he nicknamed “Cutie Couric.”

Cooper’s a big fan (of making fun) of Snooki. He’s used his CNN show to read from her novel, “A Shore Thing” and discuss her Rutgers speaking engagement.

What’s the next logical step for these two? Co-anchoring a morning show, of course.

Watch the “RidicuList” below.