A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

In an Us magazine cover story, Snooki reveals what everyone has pretty much assumed to be true: that she’s pregnant and engaged to boyfriend Jionni LaValle. For those who are deeply concerned about the prospect of these two raising a child, LaValle promises, “We are not going to screw this up.” So that’s a relief. (Us)

Jessica Simpson: expecting a daughter. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

The private funeral service for Davy Jones — one solely for family and close friends, and that won’t be attended by any surviving members of the Monkees — will reportedly take place today. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Forest Whitaker will reportedly play the lead role in “The Butler,” Lee Daniels’s film about a long-serving White House butler. This will mark Whitaker’s first meaty starring role since he won the Oscar for “Last King of Scotland” in 2007. And yes, this is the film based on a story that ran in The Washington Post and was written by our own Wil Haygood. (Vulture)

GQ has named Hollywood’s 30 most stylish men under the age of 30. At the top of the list? A certain debonair star of “Glee.” (GQ)

Peter Gabriel is among the many who are angry at Rush Limbaugh over the Sandra Fluke remarks. And he won’t let Limbaugh play “Sledgehammer” on his show anymore because of it. (Hitfix)

“The Master,” the upcoming film from director Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, might be released in October. So add that to your list of movies we might be talking about come next Oscar season. (What? Next year’s Academy Awards is less than 12 months away. We must prepare.) (Movieline)