Soulja Boy has reportedly come a long way from wearing puffy paint sunglasses in 2007. (David Livingston/GETTY IMAGES)

The rapper, famous for making the world do a dumb dance with a catchy beat, is reportedly planning $20 million in upgrades to the G5 jet. This includes a lot of flat screen televisions, Brazilian hardwood cabinets and a bigger bathroom.

Forbes estimated his worth at $6 million in 2010. So if this story is true, how can he afford the luxury aircraft?

This may help: Soulja is charging interested people $2.99 to watch a live stream of his Friday birthday party. TMZ reports the Miami bash will cost about $300,000. He’s set up a Web site — the aptly titled — to promote the event.

So let’s see. To make up for the cost of the jet, the upgrades and the party, he needs about 18,494,983 to watch his party. It seems like a stretch.