Barbara Walters embraces former co-host Star Jones as Joy Behar looks on during a broadcast of the daytime talk show "The View.” (Ida Mae Astute/AP/ABC)

Barbara Walters opened with discussion of Jones’s departure, making a point of saying that Jones left “The View” in 2006 because her contract wasn’t renewed. (“Barbara, are you really gonna go here?” Jones asked.)

Jones announced that she was leaving the show live on the air, a surprise move to her co-hosts. “It was ugly,” Jones told Walters of the announcement. “It was a bad emotional time.”

“I made the decision that I wanted to go out on my own terms so that when I walked back in here, if I were ever invited, I would feel good about coming in,” she added.

Joy Behar brought up the fact that Jones did not reveal that she underwent gastric bypass in 2003, instead opting to keep it a secret from the public. Behar said the women “tried to protect” her by not telling the truth. Barbara Walters said the show wished that Jones was willing to be a “poster child” for the procedure, adding that they lied “because we loved you.”

Jones, who was really on the show to talk about heart disease, said that she didn’t discuss the other women’s “private things,” and then changed the subject to her new book.

After the taping, Jones sent a series of tweets that implied she wasn’t quite happy with the way she was treated.

Fun @theviewtv. It is easy to walk through the PAST when your PRESENT is so good & your FUTURE is so promising. See you @todayshow tomorrow.

— Star Jones (@StarJonesEsq) February 22, 2012

MY girl @nessabcalloway just called and said:THEY came for you...but you were ready.When YOUR goal is good....THEIR goal is irrelevant.

— Star Jones (@StarJonesEsq) February 22, 2012

Let’s just say: The past is often not subject to evaluation, but open to interpretation.>”RT @Rosie: @StarJonesEsq - how was the view today?

— Star Jones (@StarJonesEsq) February 22, 2012

thank you much!>“@agboessi: @StarJonesEsq I have always admired you for your class. Yesterday on the #theView you showed me why. Great job.”

— Star Jones (@StarJonesEsq) February 23, 2012

Watch video of Jones on the “View,” which contains two NSFW words at 25:36 and 26:12, below.

Thursday, Jones appeared on the “Today” show, where she is a contributor. Her colleague Donny Deutsch went to bat for her, saying that the segment was like “watching mean girls in the seventh-grade cafeteria take on a vulnerable girl.” Jones was clearly grateful for the support.

Totally caught off guard by LOVE&LOYALTY shown by @todayshow #Professionals @Donny_Deutsch @DrNancyNBCNEWS.#Support&Friendship: PRICELESS

— Star Jones (@StarJonesEsq) February 23, 2012

Watch Donny Deutsch defend Jones on “Today” below.

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