(Courtesy Comedy Central)

“We’ve all heard the good news. The economy added 200,000 jobs last quarter,” Colbert said. “The bad news is that 150,000 of them were filled by James Franco.” Colbert went on to lament the media’s branding of Franco as a Renaissance man, not because it’s unfair to the very busy 32-year-old, but because he wants the title for himself. Franco’s twin offered his services to Colbert, saying,

“You really want to make him mad? Ask him about the Oscars.” When that question was too cruel for Colbert, Jameso offered this question (see: societal critique) instead: “Does he think he’s a Renaissance man? Or is modern America so intellectually bankrupt that anyone pursuing any cultural enrichment of any kind makes him seem intellectual?” A little touchy aren’t we, Franco — excuse me, I mean, Jameso?