Steve Buscemi (Henry S. Dziekan III/GETTY IMAGES)


Buscemi poked fun at his character actor past in his monologue — which was not a song, for once — by answering questions from typecast actors, like the grandma who says outrageous things.

It was a nice group effort that offered an opportunity to see the much lauded, but little seen featured player Jay Pharoah as a “sassy female judge.” (“I can’t stand nonsense in my courtroom ... [Pulls glasses down] ... but I will allow it.”)

This edition of “The Miley Cyrus Show” was nearly in the miss category for me. The show basically turned great material — Cyrus’s birthday “stoner” comments — into a boring rehash of controversy. A Doritos joke? Too easy.

Buscemi was great, but underused as a Cyrus’s new friend, Jeff the Burning Man enthusiast and adult film star extra.

But the sketch was brought back to life by Maya Rudolph’s surprise appearance as Whitney Houston. (“Weed's not a drug! ... I put weed in my cereal this morning! I smoke weed just to go to Target!”)

“SNL” took quite a chance with this Jerry Sandusky- inspired sketch about a coach named Burt (Buscemi) who is investigated for pedophilia just because he seems creepy. While the subject matter is obviously no laughing matter, this risk that paid off.

Buscemi’s biggest moment of the night was in the digital short, where he played Commissioner Gordon to Andy Samberg's very sneaky Batman.


Yeesh, this “Surprise Lady” was hard to watch. I don’t even want to waste your time with recapping this Kristen Wiig-led sketch. Watch if you dare.

This sketch of Buscemi going through Christmas ornaments had the makings of some bizarre fun, but it didn’t deliver many laughs. Could Wiig’s off night be to blame?


Two words: Drunk uncle.

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