Did Steve Carell return to “The Office?” (Justin Lubin/Associated Press/NBC)

But did the actor throw fans of the show’s former glory a bone by making an uncredited appearance in a recent “Trivia” episode of the show?

The New York Post was sent a screenshot from a tipster who believed the bearded trivia player from the “Queerenstein Bears” team was Carell. (See the photo below.) This rumor was picked up Wednesday by Buzzfeed, Vulture, E! and a few other outlets.

Sorry, guys. This is just wishful thinking. NBC told Celebritology that Carell has not appeared in a recent episode of “The Office.”

If I didn't have official word, I would have believed the tipster too. Perhaps we all want the Carell days back so badly, we're willing to ignore the trivia player’s receding hairline.

While it’s unclear if Carell will in fact make a cameo, we certainly have our fingers crossed that he shows up in the future — beard or no beard.


(via Buzzfeed)