Looking to the skies (and also for Easter eggs) in “Super 8.” (Francois Duhamel/AP)

Super 8” is now in theaters. The reviews — generally positive — have also started rolling in. (The Post’s Ann Hornaday calls it “a pop-culture nostalgia trip that feels as if it’s been beamed from a sweeter, more innocent time.”)

To longtime fans of the J.J. Abrams oeuvre, this means it’s time to focus on a new “Super 8”-related matter: the attempt to find all the Easter eggs in the movie, i.e. references to other Abrams projects that are nestled within the frames of his current potential summer blockbuster.

So far, I have managed to unearth four Easter eggs, but I am sure that some readers — especially the ones who spent years with me and Liz Kelly, sifting through paused frames of “Lost” — can find more. If you’ve seen “Super 8” or plan to in the coming days, please feel free to post a comment below with any additional eggs you find.

(Note: The Easter eggs revealed after the jump do not spoil the plot of “Super 8” in any way. But if you’re extra-concerned about knowing additional information about the film, proceed with caution.)

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Easter Egg 1: The Slusho reference

Slusho, a variation on the Slurpee that exists only in the universe of projects produced by J.J Abrams, makes a quick cameo appearance in a gas station scene in “Super 8.”

Where have we seen/heard it before: The sugary frozen drink first appeared in an episode of “Alias” but was a key element in the viral marketing campaign for “Cloverfield.”

Easter Egg 2: Kelvin

In the aforementioned gas station scene, the name Kelvin is prominently featured. Most likely, this is a sly reference to a specific type of Super 8 film projector. But the nerd in me immediately thought of “Lost.”

Where have we seen/heard it before: “Lost” fans will remember Desmond’s Hatch roommate, Kelvin Inman, who also, like the plot of “Super 8,” had ties to the military. But the name Kelvin frequently appears in Abrams’s work — as this Lostpedia page notes, ”Fringe” has Kelvin Genetics, “Mission: Impossible 3” features a letter addressed to an H. Kelvin and a Starfleet ship in Abrams’s “Star Trek” is named Kelvin. Why all the Kelvins? It's a reference to Abrams’s grandfather, who, as Abrams told me during our recent interview, took an 8-year-old Abrams on a Universal Studios tour that launched his interest in filmmaking.

Easter Egg 3: Building 47

In the zombie movie that “Super 8’s” young filmmakers are working on, there is a reference to a mysterious Building 47.

Where have we seen/heard it before: The number 47 has made frequent appearances in “Fringe” and “Alias,” which featured Room 47, among other references. “Lost” also had a fixation with numerology, although 47 was not one of The Numbers.. It’s also a running theme throughout numerous “Star Trek” creations.

Easter Egg 4: Leonard Nimoy

Okay, I didn’t catch this one myself while watching “Super 8.” But in this Collider interview, Abrams says viewers should be on the lookout for Leonard Nimoy in the film.

Where have we seen/heard it before: Nimoy played a crucial role as an alternate version of Zachary Quinto’s Spock in Abrams’s “Star Trek.”