Henry Cavill as “Man of Steel.” (Warner Bros.)

The first full-length trailer for “Man of Steel” — the latest attempt to make Superman relevant to moviegoers again — has arrived online. And it does something that one would not expect from a Clark Kent blockbuster directed by Zack Snyder: It calls to mind Atom Egoyan’s “The Sweet Hereafter.”

It only does that in the vaguest of ways because, like that bleak and heartbreaking 1997 film, “Man of Steel” also features a school bus accident. But after that portion of this sneak preview, the clip immediately segues into an epic, operatic, big summer movie-style montage that features the unimpeachable chin of Henry Cavill (our new Superman), Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, some massive explosions, Michael Shannon, a reminder that Christopher Nolan produced this project and, of course, Toby Ziegler from “The West Wing.”

It actually makes the film look pretty promising. And I say that as someone who thinks of Snyder’s adaptation of “Watchmen” as her kryptonite. Check out the trailer, which will screen in front of “The Hobbit” this weekend in an effort to convert the Shire faithful into believers in truth, justice and the American way. (FYI: “The American way” is a fancy term that means Warner Bros. wants everyone with a pulse to see “Man of Steel” when it opens June 14.)