Tara Reid and friends at D.C.’s Capitol Skyline Hotel this summer. (Vithaya Photography)

Remember when Tara Reid announced her engagement on Twitter, then announced she was married about 90 minutes later? Seriously, you must remember the celebrity wedding between Reid and Zachary Kehayov, which happened in August and was a lot like the royal wedding, except it happened in five seconds and wasn’t televised.

Well, it turns out the whole thing might not have been real.

Reid was caught by TMZ cameras at LAX, after a flight and in what appears to be some sort of haze. When the TMZ videographer asked whether she and her new husband would win if they competed on the “Newlywed Game,” she said they would not since they are, technically, not husband and wife.

“No, we would lose,” she said, adding: “Because we never really got married ... no, it was never legal.” (See video below.)

So was the whole wedding a pure and simple publicity stunt? Are Reid and Kehayov — who is reportedly based in the Washington, D.C. area, according to some blogs as well as his LinkedIn profile — really in a relationship but just not legally married? And would Reid, soon to be seen in the movie “American Reunion,” actually compete in a televised game show of sorts if given the opportunity?

We know the answer to that last question, at least: Reid recently ended a brief run on “Celebrity Big Brother” in the UK, where she was voted out of the house of pseudo-famous, thrown-together roommates back in early September. This video features Reid processing that eviction and also recaps her appearance on the show, which was apparently epic. (And by epic, I mean that it involved tears and Reid communicating via phone with her alleged husband while dressed as a leprechaun. Also, some of the language is slightly NSFW.)

Based on Reid’s Twitter feed, she stayed in touch with a couple of her roommates — John and Edward, a.k.a. Jedward, the UK’s former “X Factor” contestants whose vocal talents are matched only by their sky-high hair. She recently tweeted that she shot a music video for the Jedward song “Wow Oh Wow,” a fact confirmed by this photo disseminated via the @planetjedward Twitter feed.

Via PlanetJedward

So far, she has not tweeted a follow-up response to the “wedding not being real” reveal. An e-mail was sent to one of her reps, who wrote back to say that he no longer represents Reid. This post will be updated if any further information comes out about this pressing matter.