In all the Twitter chaos that was Tara Reid’s engagement and, minutes later, wedding announcement, several media outlets — including this one — wrongly identified her new husband.

Reid is now married to Zack Kehayov, whom she wed in Greece over the weekend as previously reported. The “American Pie” star clarified that information hours after reporting on her recent nuptials via Twitter. “His name is Zack Kehayov,” she later tweeted, without elaborating further.

Celebritology previously identified her husband as Danish businessman Mark Lilleund, Reid’s former boyfriend and a man who People magazine had also dubbed her new spouse based on confirmation from Reid’s rep. (People’s story on this subject has since been amended to reflect the correct information.)

Lilleund later released a statement confirming that he is not Reid’s new husband and that the two broke up back in February. I apologize for the error and the confusion.

So, to recap: Tara Reid did get engaged and married in the same day while vacationing in Greece. It was just to a guy she has been dating for a relatively brief period of time and whose name begins with a Z, rather than the boyfriend most people knew about it and whose name begins with an M.

Reid hasn’t tweeted any wedding photos or pics of that mysterious new husband yet. But she did tweet this image of her sparkly, exceedingly large ring.

(Via Twitter)