Taye Diggs, displaying his love for hats. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/GETTY IMAGES)

My inspiration for the site comes from questions I've been asked about my life, style and the arts and I wanted a place where I can share some of the things I've learned and hopefully, learn some things from you as well,” the “Private Practice” star explains in his online welcome message.

The site covers a wide variety of topics, from grooming (a tutorial on head-shaving notes, “If you don’t use a shaving gel or oil, you will regret it.  This is the ‘secret sauce’ when shaving.”) to the arts (today Diggs shares his admiration for singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow) to what happens on the set of “Private Practice.” The behind-the-scenes video tour below covers the latter, decidedly niche subject, giving all of us the opportunity to peek at the set for the ABC show — and also look up Diggs’s nostrils.

As celebrity Web sites go, it’s a little bit all over the place but doesn’t shout “I have a massive ego” terribly loudly.

Tayediggsonline.com does make one thing very clear: Diggs is on a mission to convince people to wear hats, as noted in his Style piece, “How to Get Over Your Hat Hatred.”

“I’m a big fan of the chapeau,” he writes, later adding, “Perhaps if people can revert to the perspective that hat wearing isn’t even an option, the world would be a more styling place.”