Taylor Kitsch, at the “John Carter” premiere last week in L.A. (Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

Taylor Kitsch appeared last night on the “Late Show With David Letterman” as part of the promotional blitz behind his upcoming big budget, comic-inspired action flick, “John Carter.”

During his appearance, the former “Friday Night Lights” star regaled the audience with tales of his struggling-actor days, many of which were spent living on the New York City subway. And he also told a story about how, while recently attempting to jet into the Philippines to complete filming of the upcoming Oliver Stone film, “Savages,” a customs official refused to let him enter the country even though he had a work visa.

“He didn’t believe I was an actor,” Kitsch explains. (No. 44 from the Dillon Panthers? Hello?) “So I’m literally pitching myself to this guy. ‘No, I’m an actor. I’ve done some things.’”

So then Kitsch gets out his iPhone and ... oh, let’s just let Timmy Riggins tell the rest. Watch the clip below.