Taylor Lautner is the target of some photoshop-happy pranksters. A fake People magazine cover featuring the “Twilight” star and the text, “Out & Proud,” circulated on the Web this weekend. “Tired of rumors, the Twilight star opens up about his decision to finally come out,” a blurb on the fake cover reads.

Although the cover is clearly fake, mogul Russell Simmons seemed to believe it, tweeting, “Proud of Taylor Lautner for his bravery and his courage.” Simmons sent another tweet after he realized the cover is a hoax. (THG)

Lady Gaga is accused of being a real monster. (Koji Sasahara/AP)

A spokeswoman for Gaga told the NY Post the suit is “completely without merit.” (NY Post)

John Legend is engaged to his girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen. (People)

Jennifer Hudson turned down the title role in 2009’s “Precious” because of the weight gain requirements. “I had done that with Effie,” Hudson writes in her book “I Got This,” referring to her Oscar winning role in “Dreamgirls.” “And as much as I was moved by this film, I wanted to try a role that had nothing whatsoever to do with my weight.” (Uptown)

Mexican actor Pedro Armendariz Jr. has died. He was 71. (AP)

Baz Luhrmann was hurt on the set of “The Great Gatsby,” when he hit his head on a camera. The director needed three stitches. (THR)

Dido is a mom, after the jump.

Dido gave birth to a son this July. He was given the outrageously normal name Stanley. (Daily Mail)

Justin Bieber gave his friend Ryan Butler a Mustang convertible for Christmas. (E!)

Janet Jackson was named PETA’s top celebrity Grinch of 2011 because of her partnership with a fur company. (BuzzFeed)

Demi Lovato was not too happy with Disney after she heard a joke on the show “Shake It Up” that she believed made light of eating disorders. “I could just eat you up, well if I ate,” a female actress said on the show.

Lovato, a former Disney star who battled bulimia, tweeted, “Dear Disney Channel, EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT.” Disney PR responded on Twitter, saying they would pull the episode: “It’s NEVER our intention to make light of eating disorders!” (NY Daily News)