A mix of the morning’s non-Oscar headlines...

Taylor Swift. (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Adam Sandler leads the Razzie nominations with 11, a record setting achievement. He was nominated for worst actor — and actress — for his roles in “Jack and Jill.” (AP)

Is Avril Lavigne in consideration to be a judge on the “X Factor?” That’s what TMZ would like you to believe. (TMZ)

Lucy Lawless was arrested Monday for boarding “a Shell-owned oil-drilling ship” to stop“Arctic drilling.” The actress sat atop the drilling tour for 77 hours. (People)

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A little Oscars gossip, after the jump.

Some people think that Jennifer Lopez suffered a wardrobe malfunction onstage the Oscars while she was presenting with Cameron Diaz. However, J. Lo’s stylist believes such an event is impossible: “The Oscar dress was custom made for Jennifer by designer Zuhair Murad. The dress fit perfectly to her every inch. There were cups built in and there’s no chance that there were any how do you say? ‘slips.’ While the dress did give the illusion of sheer-ness, jokes on everyone who wishes they saw something! If you thought that dress was hot wait until you see what’s next.” (EW)

This has not stopped someone from creating a Twitter account on behalf of Lopez’s offending body part. (Twitter)

Two questions: How is it possible that Jessica Simpson is still pregnant? And how the heck does she walk in platform shoes? (Radar)

Watch a two-minute trailer for Season 2 of “Game of Thrones.”