Taylor Swift. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

“I don’t have [a boyfriend],” the country sweetheart said on Wednesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“I for real, like, don’t have a boyfriend. I sit by myself and I watch ‘Law & Order,’ ” Swift said emphatically as the crowd cheered. “I don’t even have like kind of a boyfriend. I don’t have someone that I’m texting that’s a guy that someday might be my boyfriend. There’s like nothing going on right now.”

But the 21-year-old musician, who recently launched her own perfume, Wonderstruck, is completely okay with being single.

“If you’re the girl that needs a boyfriend and then once she loses that boyfriend needs to replace it with a different boyfriend, it’s just this constant stream of boyfriends all the time,” she explained. “I don’t ever want to be that girl.”

While it’s great that Swift is a happy independent woman, one must wonder: Who will she write songs about?