Taylor Swift, looking country chic and, according to Twitter, like she was on an episode of “Hee-Haw.” | MORE GRAMMY PHOTOS (Matt Sayles/AP)

Taylor Swift is an enormously popular musical artist. But when she performed at the Grammys on a set that looked like it had been assembled at Anthropologie (comparison one), Twitter blew up with all kinds of snarky commentary.

Within seconds, several terms were trending, not counting the most obvious one (banjo): “Hee-Haw” (comparison two), “Country Bear Jamboree” (comparison three), “Little House” (comparison four) and “Beverly Hillbillies” (comparison five).

I actually compared Swift to Holly Hobbie (comparison six), but that didn’t catch trending fire.

Which of these comparisons was the most apt?

I’m going to go with Disney’s “Country Bear Jamboree,” as the whole vibe of her stage backdrop definitely smacked of a New Frontierland.

Naturally, all the remarks prompted Swift’s fans to say the same thing their idol did during her performance: “All you’re ever gonna be is mean.”

The good news for the pop-country star: She sounded just fine; and trends come and go on Twitter faster than you can say Minnie Pearl. Soon enough, everyone had refocused their attention on Adele and Glen Campbell and HAD forgotten all about Laura Ashley and the Junkyard Band (comparison seven).

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