A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Taylor Swift at the AMAs. (Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” brought digital infants and shocking violence to theaters this weekend and was rewarded with $141.3 million in box office receipts. That makes it: the No. 1 movie in the country; the second biggest opener in the “Twilight” franchise (“New Moon” made $142.8 million its first weekend); and a slightly smaller deal than both the final “Harry Potter” movie (which debuted with $168.5 million) and the first “Hunger Games,” which earned $155 million during one weekend back in March. Associated Press; Box Office Mojo)

Journalists are documenting Rihanna’s seven-day, seven-city concert tour involving a 777 jet on which some people have been streaking. Not shockingly, things have gotten a tad out of control. (Vulture)

The 23-year-old who originally claimed he was underage when he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who brings Elmo to life, then later recanted that statement, has changed his tune again. According to TMZ, the accuser feels he was forced to reach a settlement with Clash and now wants to undo that agreement and restate that he was 16 when he had a relationship with the “Sesame Street” veteran. (TMZ)

Jessica Simpson has lost 30 pounds, which is a fact that both she and Weight Watchers, for whom she is a spokesperson, really want you to know. Still, though, good for her. (E! Online)

HBO has released a teaser for the third season of “Game of Thrones.” The main takeaway from it: The series returns on March 31, 2013. (It’s a very short teaser.)