Yes, Taylor Swift is so gosh-darn adorable with her red lipstick and break-up anthems. But her MTV VMAs performance of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was... kind of a mess. Let’s review:

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The set: Was Swift performing inside a giant Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper? It looked like the inside of potpurri sachet. It looked like every daydream that Swift has ever had about Conor Kennedy.It looked like a pink nightmare.

The dancers: The moves seemed cribbed from a high school production of “Grease” — or the cast of “Glee.” Pointing, so much sassy finger-pointing. Which brings us to...

The exes: Though the song is rumored to be about Jake Gyllenhaal, the camera operators made a point of zooming in on Swift ex Taylor Lautner. Swift’s break-up power anthems are getting meaner, and it’s especially awkward when her previous paramours are there to receive the message in person.

”I don’t want to get back together, more.” - every guy Taylor Swift has dated.

— Cole Andre (@ParadiseCole) September 7, 2012

THE FURRIES: Why, oh why, were the members of Swift’s band dressed in animal mascot costumes during her performance? It edged uncomfortably close to the subculture of Furries, those folks who wear animal suits and take on “fursonas” It was a big moment for the mainstreaming of Furries, though — first “Ted,” now this.

Update: As commenters have rightly pointed out, the furries appeared in Swift’s music video. That doesn’t make them any less weird, though.

Though the performance was jumbled, it was well-received by the legion of Swift fans watching at home and in the Staples Center, some of whom carried her as she crowd-surfed at the conclusion of the awards show. And though Swift arrived solo (it was her boyfriend’s first day of his junior year of high school), her outfit, a crisp white pantsuit paired with a bold red lipstick, was a winner.

Will we ever see a Taylor Swift performance quite like this one again? In the words of her song “Lucky You”: Never say never.

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