...meet your “Terra Nova’ successors. (Brook Rushton/FOX)

Time travel is involved.

The good news about “Terra Nova” is that — unlike the sometimes brain-scrambling era-shifting we saw on “Lost” — the pilot established that the 85-million-years-ago timeline is totally separate from the Earth-in-2149 one. So that should eliminate all confusion. Um, maybe?

There are scenes in “Terra Nova” in which characters look terrified while being chased by dinosaurs through the jungle. Which is not unlike running through a jungle while being chased by a polar bear or smoke monster.

Jim Shannon’s landing in Terra Nova.

After our protagonist eluded authorities and blasted his way into the past, he arrived in his new, prehistoric home flat on his back, staring up at the sky.

Kind of like this:

Also, the name Jim Shannon...? Initials JS...? Like Jack Shephard...? I’m just sayin’.

Our protagonist is a good man who enforces the law but can lose his cool at times.

Which reminds me of flash sideways Sawyer. Whose name is James. Kind of like Jim. I’m just sayin’.

Also, is it me or could Skye from “Terra Nova” be Kate Austen’s little sister?

Here’s Evangeline Lilly as Kate, in a flowery-but-dingy tank top, next to Allison Miller (the actress who plays Skye) in a much cleaner, flowery number at this year’s Fox TCA party. It’s not just me, is it?

Evangeline Lilly, left; Allison Miller, right (TWP composite)

Similar housing.

The quaint residences of Terra Nova are reminiscent of the cozy cabins of Camp Dharma. Fingers crossed that someone in Terra Nova forms a book club.

Terra Nova vs. Sixers = The Losties vs. The Others

That one’s kind of obvious.

Nathaniel Taylor is a leader (of the Terra Nova colony) who keeps secrets.

He’s a bit more imposing and less insecurely creepy than, say, Ben Linus, but no less dictatorial and capable of making grandiose speeches.

Those etchings on the rocks

Josh and Skye/Freckles discovered some mysterious sketches on rocks in a remote area outside the “bounds” of Terra Nova, etchings that will apparently play a key role in the narrative.

Naturally, that discovery made me immediately flashback to this:

And also, this:

(Via Lostpedia)

If Jacob is choosing candidates for “Terra Nova,” I am going to be super irritated.

And then there was that crucial phrase near the end of the episode...

“These are the key to everything,” Sixer leader Mira said of those aforementioned etchings on the rock. At which point, while first watching the pilot, I almost spit up. That kind of dialogue — which suggests that something mysterious and intentionally vague carries great significance, significance that cannot possibly be explained until at least a week or more from now — is classic “Lost.” Fortunately, many of us already know what the actual “key to everything” is. It’s Australia. Australia is the key to the whole game.