Dig in, everyone. (Danny Feld)

Your pumpkin pie isn’t going to win any major awards. And frankly, your green bean casserole is often soupy.

But here’s one way to definitely impress your relatives this Thanksgiving: Take the following Turkey Day TV quiz and brag about your high score while everyone digs into their sweet potatoes and stuffing.

I mean, your brother and sister-in-law can’t recall the specific details of Thanksgiving episodes of “Friends,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Gossip Girl” and “The Simpsons,” right? Of course, they can’t. But you can — assuming that you do well on the following test. (Much gratitude to Post colleague Bethonie Butler for putting this together.)

No Google-search cheating allowed. High scorers will receive a complimentary Rachel Green Thanksgiving trifle.*

*Actually, they won’t. They will, however, receive a feeling of Thanksgiving-pop-culture superiority. And that actually tastes better.