Are you really going to ignore me, Emmy? (CHRIS HASTON/NBC)

It’s also a time to grouse over who got snubbed. Every television junkie is probably complaining about a different oversight among this year’s sweeping field of Emmy nominations. But here’s the list of 10 that struck me as most significant or just personally irked me. Because, yes, Emmy nomination day is also a time for being irked.

1. “Parks and Recreation”

The Pawnee series — which, pssst, is shooting scenes in the District as we speak — was left off the list of contenders for best comedy, although it did snag nominations for Amy Poehler and for writing, one of which was for “The Debate,” an episode Poehler wrote and directed. So it was both a good and bad day for Leslie Knope.

2. Nick Offerman

I swear this is the last “Parks and Rec”-related entry on this list. But really, what does Ron Swanson have to do to be recognized as one of the most gif-able, beloved characters in television history?

3. Hugh Laurie

(Adam Taylor/Fox via AP)

The British actor and deliverer of invariably charming acceptance speeches has never won an Emmy for his role as Dr. Gregory House on Fox’s “House.” (He was nominated six times and never triumphed; all those fab speeches were given at the Golden Globes or the SAGs.) And now he never will, since he was passed over for the final season of the series.

4. Jeff Probst

He’s won the award for best reality series host so many times that he seemed like a foregone nominee. But he was omitted from the category entirely, probably for reasons that are Betty White’s fault.

5. “The Good Wife”

The CBS political/legal drama seems like classic Emmy bait. But while Juliana Margulies earned a nod for her role as the show’s “good wife,” it was bumped out of best drama contention, edged out, perhaps, by shows like “Homeland” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

6. “Community”

(Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures via AP)

“Community” earned its first nomination today in the writing category, which is a good thing. But that hasn’t stopped the ardent supporters of Greendale Community College from expressing their dismay over its lack of inclusion in the best comedy category. See?

No Community on the #Emmy noms anywhere. What is mentally wrong with these people?

— Thomas Baskerville (@Overuled) July 19, 2012

7. Vincent Kartheiser of “Mad Men”

It was great to see Jared Harris, a.k.a. Lane Pryce of “Mad Men,” in the best supporting actor category. I mean, that guy had a rough few months. But it’s unfortunate that none of his colleagues joined him, especially Vincent Kartheiser. As Pete Campbell, Kartheiser bloodied his nose multiple times, broke down crying in an elevator and delivered a significant season-summarizing monologue on “Mad Men.” Pete is such a jerk that Kartheiser’s portrayal is often underestimated.

8. “Walking Dead”

Am I surprised that “Walking Dead” was only recognized for makeup, sound editing and visual effects? No. I didn’t expect it to land a best drama slot, but I thought it might earn something else, like a directing nomination. Apparently Emmy voters do not care for zombies.

9. “Louie”

(FX via AP)

Louis C.K. was nominated for best actor in a comedy, and the FX series nabbed nods for best writing and directing. But “Louie” was overlooked in the best comedy field, despite the fact that most critics consider it one of the best comedies on television. Is anyone still saying that about “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which was nominated for best comedy?

10. “Parenthood”

I love this show. I love it something awful. Pretty much no one pays attention to how consistently strong it is, so, again, no surprise that Emmy didn’t either, with the exception of a guest-actor nomination for Jason Ritter. But it really deserves some recognition.

Did one of these snubs make you so angry that you fired off an irate status update about it? Or were you more outraged by the lack of nominations for “Boss,” or the fact that “Glee” wasn’t nominated for best comedy, or that FX’s “Justified” got pretty much bupkus or some other royal injustice that I have yet to mention? Weigh in by posting a comment.