(Stephen Vaughan, 20th Century Fox)

“Four score and seven slayings ago...”

All right, so our 16th president doesn’t say anything quite that absurd in the trailer for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” arriving in theaters in June but attempting to pique interest now, in the lead-up to Presidents Day.

But the preview for the adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s decidedly unhistorical novel does contain some over-the-top moments, including sprawling shots of digitally enhanced Civil War battlefields; an anachronistic image of the Washington Monument (assuming anachronisms are even worth noting in this context); massive explosions; and footage of the bearded commander in chief (played by Benjamin Walker) demonstrating his axe-wielding, vampire-killing abilities.

Does this look ridiculous, or so deliciously ridiculous that you’re now officially intrigued? Watch below and decide whether you’ll elect to see it or not come this summer.