(Via Trulia)

No, I don’t just mean within the context of the show. I mean the actual Los Angeles mansion is on the market and can be purchased for a mere $4.5 million.

As Vulture reports, an agent by the name of Joe Babajian — which sounds a little like Eskandarian, doesn’t it? — is handling the 10,440-square-foot listing, which features Tiffany light fixtures, wood floors and a dining room with antique gold and silver leaf hand-painted ceilings.

“This residence evokes the quality and grandeur of a bygone era,” the listing says. (Translation: a bunch of ghosts live here.)

Actually, just to be clear, this isn’t exactly where Connie Britton and co. had been shooting their “Horror Story” episodes each week.

As Britton explained during an interview in October, the pilot was shot in the aforementioned actual house, but the ensuing episodes played out on sets created to replicate the look of the L.A. mansion.

Which, as the photos in this Huffington Post item from February prove, are extremely close to the real thing. That Huff Post piece also tells us the house was on the market earlier this year and didn’t sell.

It’s a tough market, after all.

Hey, you know what this agent should do to get things moving? Drop the phrase “Murder House” into the description of the place. Look, “American Horror Story” has a lot of fans. And they might pool together that $4.5 million if they think it means they get to spend eternity with that dreamy (albeit mentally disturbed) Tate.

One last item of note: the chandeliers, the pasta arm and the Rubber Man suit all convey.