(Simon Cowell, the man you tried to emulate in our wildly popular (cough) “American Idol” contest. (AP))

The number of entries was not exactly overwhelming. I suspect that in this blog, a “What Would Sawyer Say if He Were an ‘American Idol’ Judge?” contest might garner a stronger response. But I digress.

After perusing the comments, I have determined that our winner is ... jameon, who came through with this nasty little gem of a comment:

“Haley, your voice sounded like a demented yodeling cow in the ‘Sound of Music’ who lost its way in the hills, which were no longer alive by the time you finished wrecking a perfectly good song.”

I am not sure whether jameon meant to mimic Cowell or whether he/she was just making an observation. Either way, that comment stood out from the rest.

We’ll play again this week; another invitation for entries will be posted on Wednesday. (Read the contest rules and regs here , but only if you’re terribly bored at work or get a freakish kick out of legalese). Some good news: Paul McDonald is still alive in the “Idol” competition, so that means at least one contestant should be capable of sparking some snarky Simon-style commentary.