Keira Knightley, tackling Tolstoy. (Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Well, if you are, that’s great. Good for you. But that’s not relevant here because the trailer I am about to share below is for “Anna Karenina,” a new adaptation of the Leo Tolstoy novel that reunites Keira Knightley with director Joe Wright, the man who guided her performance in “Atonement.” And, uh, spoiler alert, the romance in “Anna Karenina” doesn’t exactly end well.

Still, the just-released two-and-a-half minute clip for the film looks sumptuous and very “Atonement”-y and ripe for awards season plucking.

Jude Law plays Count Karenin, the husband of Anna (Knightley) for whom she feels little desire, which sounds weird since we’re talking about Jude Law here. But he’s got a massive receding hairline in this film, and also comes across — as Karenin does in the novel — as a total Russian buzzkill.

In the role of Vronsky, the man who becomes Anna’s illicit lover, we have Aaron Johnson who, adding insult to Law’s receding-hairline injury, sports a twirly, “look how masculine I am” mustache.

And, of course, as Anna, we have Keira Knightley, who already is being criticized by some YouTube commenters because she’s not curvy enough for the role. (Look, no one appears to be speaking Russian in this film either. So if we’re going to split hairs about things, let’s start there.)

Anyway, if you’re into that whole adaptation-of-classic-literature-in-which-a-woman-is-torn-between-two-men-and-eventually-shunned-by-society sort of thing, then ... well, actually, this really might be your feel-good movie of 2012.