One of the best-dressed stars at the Golden Globes wore nothing but a bow tie.

Uggie, the dog from “The Artist,” became an instant star courtesy of his adorable red carpet antics, prompting several calls (on Twitter for a special canine Golden Globe. Which is understandable. For God’s sake, just look at him.

(Matt Sayles/AP)

In addition to mugging (panting?) for the cameras, the nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier upstaged his co-stars when he played dead onstage as they accepted the award for best motion picture comedy or musical.

Uggie is no stranger to awards: He’s already won the “Palm Dog,” the canine answer to the Palm D’Or, and is clearly a shoe-in for the first-ever Golden Collar Awards.

Michel Hazanavicius, director of “The Artist,” told the Post that he was surprised that the dog has gotten so much attention:

“He’s very cute,” the filmmaker allows, but “he doesn’t incline his head, he has really a stone face; he’s not an actor. He’s just going from Point A to Point B.” (And because filming without a sound crew meant Uggie’s trainer could call to him openly during takes, Uggie shouldn’t even get credit for that.)

Nevertheless, the dog became the reason that audiences like the leading man in the film, Hazanavicius conceded:

“When you look at the character of George Valentin” — a silent-era movie star whose career ends with the arrival of talkies — “he’s selfish, egocentric, proud. He’s mean with his own wife, he’s not a positive character. But the fact is, the dog loves him and follows him during all the movie. What happens is, the audience trusts the dog. We think if the dog loves the guy, the guy has to be a good person.”

(Matt Sayles/AP)

After Uggie’s Golden Globe appearance, fans on Twitter suggested that the four-legged star to be given a Globe as well, though none exist for animal performances. “Is there a Golden Globe award category for dog tricks? There should be,” tweeted comedian Stephen Sim. “The Artist dog proves that everyone secretly wishes this whole thing was a 10 second viral video,” tweeted VH1’s Dan Hopper.

Uggie’s moment in the spotlight may vault him up to the highest ranks of Hollywood dogs. Will he be considered among the greats — Lassie? Benji? Rin Tin Tin? — or will he be a one-hit-wonder? It all depends on his ability to fetch “The Artist” a Best Picture trophy at the Oscars.


Uggie the Dog from "The Artist" arrives at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. (Frazer Harrison/GETTY IMAGES)

(Joel Ryan/AP)

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