“The Avengers,” one of the films on the docket for Super Bowl hype. (Zade Rosenthal/AP)

Batman isn’t coming to this year’s Super Bowl party. Neither is Spider-Man.

But despite the reported absence of clips for “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” from this year’s onslaught of movie-related Super Bowl commercials, there is still plenty of hyperbolic cinematic hype scheduled for the big game.

As the previously released teaser below reveals, that other major 2012 comic book movie — Marvel’s “The Avengers” — has indeed reserved some prime advertising space for Sunday.

Lionsgate also will ensure that “The Hunger Games” is not forgotten — as if that were even remotely possible — by airing some teaser footage for the flick about a ruthless competition, prior to kick-off in the ruthless competition between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. In keeping with “Hunger Games” tradition, a teaser for the teaser was released (this time to Entertainment Tonight) and is currently being yanked off the Internet in all its forms as we speak.

Other films on the Super Bowl docket, according to the Wrap (via Reuters):

— “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” the commercial for which is already online.

— Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy “The Dictator.”

— Disney’s “John Carter” and, possibly, Universal’s “Battleship,” which could provide a Super Bowl double shot of Tim Riggins.

—The upcoming war movie “Act of Valor.”

Hopefully, there will be some surprises as well. (Maybe another “Hobbit” promo? Pretty please?) But based on what’s listed here, which Super Bowl movie commercial are you most eager to see?