Update: Beyonce’s rep had three words for fake bump theory: “Stupid, ridiculous and false.” The post has been updated.

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Beyonce and the bump that is plaguing conspiracy theorists. (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

But bump-truthers persist in their beliefs. And they’ve presented a new piece of online evidence in the matter.

In an interview with Australia’s “Sunday Night,” the ultra-classy Web site Media Takeout was the first to suggest the diva exposed her “fake baby bump” while sitting down. Based on the video below, it does seem that there’s some weird shifting in that area.

Of course, it’s very possible that Beyonce’s dress wrinkled in a way that made it appear a prosthetic was under her dress. The lighting also could be to blame.

Besides, why would the bearer of Sasha Fetus want to wear a fake bump? To make sure no one knows her actual due date? To make the panel in those sassy maternity pants all the more flattering?

And what about those photos of an obviously pregnant Beyonce in a bikini?

Still, of all the bump-padding rumors, this one seems to have gained the most traction, with ABC News, Gawker, Oh No They Didn’t and Dlisted picking up the story. Perhaps for this reason, Beyonce’s rep responded to the latest conspiracy theory calling it, “Stupid, ridiculous and false.”