Jeff Bridges and John Goodman attend "The Big Lebowski" limited edition Blu-Ray DVD launch. (Evan Agostini/AP)

on Thursday, the Examiner and subsequently CBS Los Angeles picked up a report that a sequel to the Coen brothers’ cult classic “The Big Lebowski” was in the works.

Sadly, the Dude is not set to make his return. La Weekly points to the satirical site Super Official News as the source of the fake report, which claimed the sequel would take Lebowski to Washington to save his preferred bowling alley from closing.

Super Official News posted a note in its comments section, saying the story is “like wishful thinking” and a “personal tribute to one of the greatest movies ever made.” Both the Examiner and CBS L.A. have now updated their stories to say the report is fake.

The rumor first reared its head in 2011 when CNN’s entertainment blog picked up a quote from Tara Reid, who said she was filming a “Lebowski” sequel. Entertainment Weekly squashed that rumor by — get this — calling Reid’s rep to confirm the quote, which the rep could not because it was nonsense.

While it’s far from fun to make a mistake of this nature, the Examiner and CBS L.A. can take comfort in knowing they did not make the most embarrassing media gaffe of the day.

(via Gossip Cop)