Craig in “Casino Royale.” (Jay Maidment/AP)

Look at the photo of the man above. The look on his face does not exactly scream, “Look at me, I’m an LOL-inducing sketch comedian,” does it?

As previously established in this blog when Daniel Craig was announced as one of this fall’s “Saturday Night Live” hosts, it does not.

But 007 has four more days to prepare to show the world that he is not only an undercover agent, but also an uncover ambassador for HIGH-larity. Yes, his big “SNL” debut is this Saturday, which means NBC has released its usual string of promo clips in advance of the episode.

Most of the moments in the video below are based in a specific comedy genre known as “Riffing on Daniel Craig’s Hotness.” (It’s very, very big on the improv circuit right now.) But keep watching until the end, because that’s when things get super-madcap and montagey and the “Skyfall” star dons a funny wig and comically large glasses and one even forgets, for a brief moment, that he has abs that could stop 17 trains. A brief moment, but still ... a moment!