Ryan Gosling: behind the wheel in “Drive” but clearly not doing enough driving for one woman. (RICHARD FOREMAN JR SMPSP/FILMDISTRICT)

A Michigan woman has filed a lawsuit over the film “Drive.” Was it because that delightful Ryan Gosling failed to adequately charm her? Please, let’s not talk crazy.

Was she mad when, halfway through the movie, she realized she wasn’t watching “Drive Angry 3D”? Actually, you’re getting warmer.

According to a report from Detroit TV station WDIV, found via Gawker, a woman named Sarah Deming filed the suit against both Film District, the studio that distributed “Drive,” and Emagine Novi, the company that operates the multiplex where she, apparently, really did not enjoy seeing “Drive.”

She claims that the trailer for the film misled the public by implying that “Drive” would be a joy ride a la “The Fast and the Furious.” Instead, as court documents note, Deming discovered that there is “very little driving in the motion picture.” The suit also suggests that the movie is filled with anti-Semitism.

In addition to wanting her money back, Deming also is intent upon putting an end to all misleading movie trailers by elevating her complaint to a class-action lawsuit. Which means you, too, could potentially participate.

For everyone who went to see “Knight & Day” expecting a medieval romance; was disappointed to find out that “Rio” wasn’t a Duran Duran biopic; or thought that “Abduction” actually wouldn’t stink — ladies and gentlemen, this is your “Erin Brockovich” moment.

Actually, there’s one person who could easily resolve this matter without involving the court. His name is Ryan Gosling, star of the controversial “Drive” and a master at swift conflict resolution.

YOUR TAKE: Name some other “misleading” movie trailers and titles

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