Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III. (AP)

That’s the big question now that “Grace of Monaco,” a biopic about the Academy Award-winning actress who would later become a princess via her marriage to Prince Rainier III. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the recently green-lit film will be set during a six-month period in 1962, when Kelly was in her early 30s and working behind the scenes to settle tensions between the principality and the rest of France.

The news has kicked off a flurry of casting suggestions on sites like Deadline and Entertainment Weekly, with expected names (January Jones) being raised and also being shot down (January Jones) becase a resemblance to Kelly is not the only criteria to consider here.

An actress with dramatic chops, a regal air, as well as a look that suggests she too could have been one of Alfred Hitchcock’s cool blondes is what the part needs. Who meets those qualificiations? Here are a few suggestions.

Kate Winslet


We know, we know. We suggest Winslet for every potential role. But it’s because she’s that good. (Hey, give us credit. We didn’t suggest the equally ubiquitous casting idea that is Anne Hathaway.) And in this case, she does possess all three of the assets needed for that Grace Kelly hat trick: beauty, a royal air and gravitas as an actress. She’s a tad older than Kelly was during 1962, but close enough to make it work.

Gwyneth Paltrow

(Frazer Harrison/GETTY IMAGES)

We realize this recommendation will go over like a bag filled with 100 pounds of wet bricks and seven anvils. But if we’re all being honest with ourselves — an honesty that requires us to put aside all Goop-related concerns — we have to acknowledge that Paltrow has the acting chops to pull off Grace Kelly. And she also looks an awful lot like her. Seriously. She does.

Gretchen Mol

(Screen Media Films/SCREEN MEDIA FILMS)

The one-time Vanity Fair It Girl also has a retro quality about her, as demonstrated in both “The Notorious Bettie Page” and “Boardwalk Empire.”A turn as Grace Kelly would give her another chance to establish herself as a top-tier movie actress.

Michelle Williams


The 31-year-old actress seems like a natural choice for the role. Williams has already been nominated for two Oscars, so she has the talent. And she already has experience played a blond Hollywood icon; specifically, Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming “My Week With Marilyn.”.

What do you think of these suggestions? Would you rather see someone else as Grace Kelly? Weigh in by posting a comment.