DiCaprio: You won’t see him act like Jay Gatsby until next summer. (Toru Hanai/Reuters)

The L.A. Times reports that Warner Bros., the studio behind “Gatsby,” is postponing the film’s release in order to make sure it reaches the largest possible audience, which apparently is more likely to happen during the summer of 2013. (You know, because no one goes to see Oscar-y adaptations of serious literary works during the holiday season.) The article also implies that director Baz Luhrmann tends to push his deadlines, and that perhaps he pushed this one too far.

Whatever the reason for the switch, two things are clear. 1. Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Gatsby in the film and also stars later this year in “Django Unchained,” won’t have to compete against himself during the upcoming awards season. 2. The “Great Gatsby” trailer released back in May is now even more of a tease than it already was.

Man, the waiting really is the hardest part. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that . . . no, wait, sorry. It was Tom Petty. Either way: so true. But surely we’ll deal with this news and beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past (or, in this case, future). That’s another Tom Petty lyric.

Oh, no, sorry again. That one’s actually from Fitzgerald.