Tina Fey and Questlove bite the hoagie of forgiveness. (Jimmy Fallon Video.)

The meatball-sized beef began when Questlove recently appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and called out Fey for not showing brotherly love to his band, the Roots, when she appears on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

“Can I say something?” the drummer asked host Andy Cohen, who should have told him no. “Tina Fey, you are never nice to the Roots. We’re from Philadelphia. Be nice to the Roots.”

He added, “Fellow Philadelphians, we bond with each other. And it’s been hard trying to bond with her.”

Perhaps anticipating that his comments would be taken as fighting words, Questlove tweeted, “Oh god. the Fey stuff was JOKES. not newsworthy. i friggin love her.”

But apparently this fence-mending tweet did not make it back to Fey, who seemed slightly confused by the whole thing on Tuesday’s “Late Night.”

The “30 Rock” star said she first heard about Questlove’s comments from her co-workers: “And I was like, ‘What? No. Not Questlove!’” After watching the offending clip, Fey told Fallon she had a “Philly reaction” — “I’m gonna drag him behind a Wawa and we’re gonna fight” — but honestly didn’t know how she had offended Questlove.

Questlove attempted to explain: “We tried to say hello to you last time and [noises/hand gestures] ... It was a misunderstanding.”

Fallon helped the two settle the feud with a “hoagie of forgiveness,” a sweet, sweet sandwich of friendship that Fey and Questlove simultaneously bit into after reaffirming their (brotherly) love for each other.

Watch video below of the feud resolution from “Late Night” (which contains two NSFW words) and the Questlove comments that started it all “Watch What Happens Live.”