In an interview last year, Seth Rogen spoke very positively about working with a new and somewhat improbable comedic partner: Barbra Streisand.

“It goes against every type of instinct you would think I would have, to do a movie like that with Barbra Streisand,” he told me last September of their just-finished movie, then-called “My Mother’s Curse.” But he added that the two got along “really, really well,” even bonding over a shared love of Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America.” Yes, even the Divine Streisand loves a quality barbershop scene.

Since that conversation, the title of the movie Rogen was talking about has changed to “The Guilt Trip.” And today, the first trailer for ”The Guilt Trip,” in which Streisand and Rogen take a mother-son journey across America, arrived online.

As one might imagine, it contains scenes of Streisand nagging Rogen, Rogen getting super-embarrassed by Streisand’s nagging and the “Funny Girl” choking down a 50-ounce steak while simultaneously impressing Brett Cullen, a.k.a. Tim Riggins’s dad from “Friday Night Lights”/Goodwin from “Lost.”

Okay, that last part I did not expect.

So does this mean Rogen/Streisand are the new Rogen/Franco? Watch the preview for the movie, due in theaters on Christmas Day, and decide whether this comedy looks more “Pineapple Express”-y or “Meet the Fockers”-ish.