"The Hunger Games," featuring Jennifer Lawrence as Katnis Everdeen. (Lionsgate/Associated Press)

What will those fans see? A full, two-minute-plus preview for a movie that appears, at certain moments, to be tonally reminiscent of a Holocaust drama and, at other points, pure sci-fi. They will also see a trailer that features Jennifer Lawrence as an intense Katniss Everdeen, Elizabeth Banks looking like the Mad Hatter as Effie Trinket and Wes Bentley (Wes Bentley! With curly-cue facial hair!) as game administrator Seneca Crane.

It’s a pretty terrific clip, one that hews faithfully to the book and bodes well for the March release of this anticipated-to-the-point-of-ridiculousness movie. Watch it below, then post a comment to share your thoughts on the trailer.