It features sweeping John Williams music and scenes in which shafts of light majestically stream into a room in a manner that is ultra-Spielbergian.

It stars a pensive Daniel Day-Lewis looking like the Abraham Lincolniest Lincoln that ever Lincolned. I can’t be certain since I wasn’t alive during the Civil War era. But what the heck, I’ll go ahead and say it: based on this trailer, Day-Lewis may have become more of an Abraham Lincoln than Abraham Lincoln himself.

It also features Sally Field as the uber-supportive Mary Todd Lincoln telling Honest Abe that “Life is like a box of chocolates and you never kno-” — wait. She doesn’t say that. She says, “No one’s ever been loved this much by the people. Don’t waste that power.” So, different words but same sentiment. Sort of?

And, in the most true-to-period moment in the entire trailer, Lincoln has a reaffirming conversation with Adam from HBO’s “Girls.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I — well, really Steven Spielberg, but play along — I give you: “Lincoln.” (P.S. It comes out in November and will probably be nominated for a jillion Oscars.)