Phoenix and Hoffman in “The Master.” (AllRosePromotions)

A month after the release of an initial teaser for Paul Thomas Anderson’s forthcoming “The Master” — which stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix in his return to the big screen — a second, slightly more detailed trailer for the film has now arrived online.

This one gives us a more detailed look at Hoffman’s character, the leader of a religious group that, based on early plot descriptions, is based on Scientology. It’s difficult to gauge how much the movie’s faith-based organization and L. Ron Hubbard’s church share in common based solely on this less-than-two-minute clip, which remains vague about matters like plot.

But as The Wrap points out, the trailer suggests that Hoffman’s “writer, doctor, nuclear physicist, theoretical philosopher and, above all, man” certainly bears a passing resemblance to Hubbard.

One thing is clear: watching the uber-calm Hoffman and the addled Phoenix volley back-and-forth could turn out to be one of the great pleasures of the fall movie season. (That’s right, we’re just skipping right on past summer and diving directly into Oscar-bait time.)

Watch the trailer below. “The Master” is scheduled to open in October.