Jason Sudeikis, host of the MTV Movie Awards. (Jason McDonald/MTV)

The MTV Movie Awards show is not exactly the Oscars. In terms of classiness, it’s not even the Golden Globes or the People’s Choic Awards.

The annual, decidedly silly ceremony — which airs live tonight at 9 ET on MTV — involves handing out popcorn bucket trophies in such illustrious categories as Best Scared-as-[Expletive] Performance and, more importantly, relentlessly promoting movies coming to a multiplex near you. It also specializes in delivering unexpected and decidedly crude TV moments carefully designed to keep MTV in the pop culturally relevant category. (Please see Sacha Baron Cohen sticking his posterior into Eminem’s face a couple of years ago. Or don’t, since it’s probably taken two years to erase that image from your brain.)

On the plus side, though, no one takes the enterprise terribly seriously, which makes it a refreshing change of pace from most awards shows. In addition to the ridiculous and potentially profane, here’s what else to expect from tonight’s event, which I’ll be live-blogging right here in Celebritology beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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Lots of movie sneak peeks.

As was noted with much fanfare earlier this week, the first sneak peek of footage from “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1” will be unveiled during the show by Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, the trio whose presence has become a Movie Awards staple.

Similarly, Emma Watson will present a new preview of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2,” and a clip from J.J. Abrams’s ”Super 8” will be shown as well. Granted, you could undoubtedly watch all of these clips online after the Movie Awards has ended. But why do that when you can waste two valuable hours watching television?

Lively, Gomez and more celebrity gossip fodder

Blake Lively, soon to be seen in “The Green Lantern” and already seen in a series of leaked nude photos she allegedly took with her iPhone, will be a presenter tonight. According to Zap 2 It, she plans to “poke fun” at the online controversy that erupted this week, thereby giving us all more Lively fodder to blog about. (“Let Give ‘Em Something to Blog About” ... wasn’t that a Bonnie Raitt song?)

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber also will be in attendance, presumbly PDAing it up for the cameras.

If only Will Smith would officially announces he isn’t dead and Bradley Cooper would show up speaking French, the MTV Awards would officially be an accurate reflection of what people were buzzing about online last week. Alas, neither of those last two things seem likely to occur, so we’ll have to settle for this Blake Lively/Bieber-Gomez business, and maybe Ashton Kutcher (also presenting) saying something noteworthy about Charlie Sheen.

A solid host in Jason Sudeikis . The “Saturday Night Live” player has recently begun to emerge as a movie comedy star. (As will surely be noted numerous times tonight, he appears in “Horrible Bosses” next month.) But can he make a solid awards show host? Given his experience in front of a live audience, and his casually affable personality, I suspect he’ll do a decent job, with an emphasis on low-key delivery over outrageousness.

At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, he noted that he had turned to some of his SNL friends for ideas for the show. (When I boldly suggested he do his track-suit dancing routine from the “What Up With That?” sketch, he said, “Know that if that happens, it was because you suggested it.” Translation: That is so not happening.)

One thing Sudeikis almost certainly won’t do: talk about his expectant ex-girlfriend (and “X-Men: First Class” star) January Jones.

The controversial Best Kiss category

As noted above, the awards are really secondary to the MTV Movie Awards. But one category that should be interesting — or at least as interesting as a patently ridiculous awards show category can get — is best kiss. For the past two years, this has predictably gone to Stewart and Pattinson for whichever “Twilight” movie most recently featured Bella and Edward locking lips. But this year, that duo must also compete against that pairing of Stewart and Lautner for “Twilight: Eclipse.” That’s right — it’s Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, a situation that never arises during those boring ’ol Academy Awards.

Stirring the pot furtherm Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are also nominated for their surreal, naked mash-up in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.” And don’t count out Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis for their steamy scene in “Black Swan.” Ladies and gentlemen, the fate of the cinematic kissing world as we know it lies in the outcome of this category.

There will be music!

Little-known fact: the “M” in MTV stands for music. Hence, there will be performances tonight from Trey Songz, Lupe Fiasco and the Foo Fighters, who have already demonstrated strong knowledge of the Movie Awards arena via this quiz:

Absurd fashion choices

For those who have been experience award-show red carpet withdrawal, the MTV Movie Awards should provide the fix you need. Since the attitude here is, again, not at all serious, the outfits should be decidedly unconventional. (Nicki Minaj, we’re counting on you for weirdness.) One person who will probably look sophisticated because she almost always does: Reese Witherspoon, who will receive the MTV Generation Awards for her body of work.

I’m sure she’ll wear a lovely and flattering dress. But part of me really hopes she comes dressed as Tracy Flick.

A Movie Awards shocker?

Last year the big surprises of the night involved Christina Aguilera’s glowing crotch and Tom Cruise shaking his fat-suit-padded booty as Les Grossman, his profane movie producer character from “Tropic Thunder.” In an effort to remind people that “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol” comes out later this year, might Cruise pull another stunt, perhaps a sneak peak at his “Rock of Ages” persona?

Or maybe Justin Timberlake, who is starring in a pair of heavily MTV-promoted comedies (“Bad Teacher” and “Friends With Benefits”) will do something unexpectedly wacky. MTV loves its surprises that have clearly been orchestrated to surprise us. So, um, expect to be surprised by something ( if that makes any sense) or at least to see a gratuitous and “daring” same-sex kiss between two celebrities.