Cloris Leachman and the “Jersey Shore” girls. Or, possibly, the cast of a future “Last Picture Show” sequel. (Matt Sayles/AP)

As previously established in Celebritology, the MTV Video Music Awards have a tendency to get a little tasteless. Or, to put it another way, they often revel in the “controversial,” profane and/or generally tacky moments that typically generate conversation on Twitter and around the office coffee maker.

This year, the VMAs actually got classy a couple of times (see Adele, Bruno Mars’s tribute to Amy Winehouse). They got awkward on more than a few occasions, as Click Track previously and hilariously acknowledged. (Seriously, what does it take to make Justin Bieber stop looking so freaking nonplussed? Aren’t you the guy who sings “U Smile, I Smile”?)

And yes, there were a few moments that fell into the VMAs tastelessness of hall of fame. Here they are, followed by a poll that lets you vote for for the tackiest VMA lowlight of the lot.

Tyler, the Creator’s acceptance speech: Winning an award is an undeniably joyful occasion. And as Melissa Leo demonstrated during the Oscars, sometimes that joy can lead a trophy holder straight down the path to profanity. But surely Tyler, the Creator — winner of this year’s VMA for Best New Artist — could have held back on a few of the bad words he busted out while accepting the honor? Especially since his mother — who appeared to be personally thanking Jesus for finally bestowing a Moonman upon her son — was in the audience.

Cloris Leachman appears with “Jersey Shore” cast members and claims she is “DTF”: Cloris Leachman has an Academy Award. Cloris Leachman has eight Emmy Awards. Now, by associating herself with Snooki and Co., and using an acronym that essentially announces one’s desire to catch a venereal disease, Cloris Leachman has a scummy residue on her that will fade only after multiple scrubbings and the passage of sweet, memory-erasing time.

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Attack of the mini-Britney Spearses: During the most anti-climactic presentation of the Video Vanguard Award in VMA history, a bunch of young girls assumed various Spears’s music video personas and danced to a medley of her hits. Presumably this tribute was designed to emphasize the impact Spears has had on young women. But as tweeter Sephardic Scribe pointed out, the whole thing quickly devolved into an especially disturbing episode of “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

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Lady Gaga’s obscenity-filled monologue: Gaga set the tone for the evening by dropping plenty of bleepable words into the monologue that preceded her performance of “You and I.” She can defend her word choice by saying she was merely “in character” as Jo Calderone. But surely even Jo can just as easily use the word “friggin’.”

Lil Wayne’s performance of“John”: Of course, if Gaga seemed a bit potty-mouthed, she was nothing compared to Lil Wayne during the second half of his musical set. Based on this performance, it appears the lyrics to “John” consist primarily of inaudible words.

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