The host of the 2012 Academy Awards? (John E. Barrett/Disney Enterprises)

Well, maybe Kermit and Miss Piggy aren’t the front-runners in the minds of the Academy, but there is indeed a renewed interest in the Muppet Oscars campaign that launched after the 2011 Academy Awards via this blog and on Facebook.

With the ceremony being broadcast on ABC, which is owned by Disney, the same studio releasing “The Muppets,” this doesn’t seem that far-fetched. And to the 21,536 who have “liked” the concept on Facebook, it may just be the realization of a dream. (So that’s what the song “Rainbow Connection” was actually about...)

Generally speaking, the Muppets are a pretty unimpeachable bunch. Really, who objects to Muppets? People with frigid, rotting souls who also dislike lollipops, bunny rabbits and lively games of Skee-Ball, that’s who. But at a time when the Oscars needs a host who is reliable, funny and universally beloved by the Hollywood community, can Jim Henson’s felt-covered crew fit that bill?

I say: maybe. But so could three other possibilities. Here are four of the most reliable Oscar hosting options the Academy could go with this year. Got other suggestions? Post a comment with an explanation of your suggestion, and recommend the suggestions of other commenters who demonstrate some solid thinking on this matter.

The commenter with the most votes on his or her suggestion will display first. And that means the Academy should listen to whatever he or she says.

Most reliable Oscar hosting options:

1. Tom Hanks

Entertainment Weekly has already floated this idea, and it’s the best suggestion I’ve heard. Hanks is likable, smooth on live television, dignified but also very funny and he’s worked with Brian Grazer on many occasions. He would be the Great Uniter the Oscars needs after the Ratner-stravaganza.

2. Billy Crystal

I mentioned him as an option in yesterday’s Murphy post. Yes, I know some people may think his musical routines are too cheesy. But come on, Crystal knows what he’s doing on the Oscar stage better than anyone. And watching him host again would be the equivalent of the fuzzy, warm blanket you kept on your dorm room bed: familiar, vaguely comforting and totally reminiscent of the 1990s.

3. The Muppets

Not everyone is behind this Muppets idea. (See Cinema Blend and Deadline for the anti-Kermit position.) It’s true, it does seem a bit P.R.-ish. But if they handle it like a “Muppet Movie” and pair the puppets with a variety of stars so that it’s more of an ensemble situation, it could work. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem perform all the best original song nominees?

4. The comedy all-stars: Tina Fey, Will Ferrell and Steve Martin.

Martin plays the role of wry, elder Oscar statesman, Fey is the sarcastic woman the Oscars so desperately needs as a host and Ferrell would be the wildcard wacky guy who keeps the Academy Awards unpredictable while still being kept in check by his co-hosts. Come on, people. This could work.

All right, now it’s your turn. Weigh in on the Oscar hosts who are least likely to screw up this year’s ceremony.