Don’t roof rack them, bro. (John Hayes/AP)

As noted in yesterday’s Celebritology morning mix as well as the In the Loop blog, Devo is releasing a new song dedicated to Seamus, the family dog that famously once was strapped to the roof of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s station wagon

The track by the new wave pioneers, called “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro,” has made its debut on Rolling Stone’s Web site. And all politics aside, I have to admit that it is kind of catchy, in a twangy, contemporary-meets-retro-novelty-song kind of way.

I mean, it’s not earwormy on a “Call Me Maybe” level or, to put this in Devo terms, to a “Whip It” degree. But it’s more cheekily enjoyable than you might expect for a track about a political candidate’s misguided dog-crating decision.

In other words, this is Devo and that’s good. In related news, if anyone asks me to do something that I would prefer to avoid, my boilerplate response will now be: “Don’t roof rack me, bro, put me down on the ground.”

Listen to the track here, then watch the “Whip It” video, just because your Thursday clearly needs a dose of high turtlenecks and Mark Mothersbaugh whipping the clothes off a mannequin.