Fare thee well, Oprah. (CBS News)

The Post’s Dan Zak wrote the official “showbituary” this morning and had no trouble finding viewers who’d speak about the soon-to-be dearly departed program. In fact, 26-year-old to D.C. resident Jennifer Christian said she couldn’t remember a time without Oprah on her screen.

“She’s a strong female role model who transcends generations, ” Christian said. And so Winfrey’s final weeks have been fitting of her larger-than-life personality. Celebrities have been stopping by during the show’s final tapings to pay tribute. Snapshots we’ve stored in our collective memories over the past 25 years — the wagon of fat, Tom Cruise on that yellow couch, the shoooooooutting of the names — are swirling around in conversation once again.

It’s the end of an era. What’s your favorite Oprah moment? How well do you really know her? And how opulent will the celebration get? Tell us by using #Oprahsgoodbye on Twitter or in the comments below.

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