Billy Crystal, a.k.a. The Host in the new Oscar trailer. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

The organizers of the Academy Awards have released a trailer for the upcoming Billy Crystal-hosted Oscars, a clip that will be shown in multiplexes alongside trailers for actual movies. Perhaps that’s why it looks like a preview for a bad action flick starring Josh Duhamel.

Indeed, Duhamel and Megan Fox (who has two lines that she utters completely unconvincingly) have been tasked with hunting down a mysterious figure called “The Host” who has been off the grid for the past decade. Spoiler alert: The Host looks a lot like that guy who says “Have fun storming the castle” in “The Princess Bride.”

It’s unclear why the Academy felt the need to make such an elaborate trailer (see below). All they had to do was show clips from past Oscar ceremonies hosted by Crystal, put up a title card that said “This year, the Oscars is keeping it classic,” then cut to a shot of Crystal straightening his tuxedo bow tie. Bam! You’re done, it costs next to nothing and it evokes the sense of nostalgia that might entice viewers.

Instead, we’ve got one current “Transformers” star, one former one, Crystal making a crack about texting and a Robin Williams cameo that includes an unfunny Yeti reference. Please, say the Oscars won’t be like this.