Poehler, Pratt and the monuments of Washington. (NBC/NBC)

Hey, remember a couple of months ago when “Parks and Recreation” was shooting scenes in Washington, D.C. and I was all “I’m on-set at a Smithsonian museum, watching Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza making out on the floor near historically significant trains”?

Well, some clips from the big D.C. episode, which is also the season premiere that will air next Thursday, have been posted at TV Overmind. (Originally, I was told that episode was slated to be the second of the season, but NBC reps later confirmed that the D.C. installment will be the first out of the season five gate.)

That means now you can see and hear a couple of the “Parks and Rec” moments that I saw and (sort of, from a distance) heard during their Nation’s Capital shoot.

First up: Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Andy Dwyer (Pratt) go sightseeing. Unfortunately, I did not get to witness firsthand the part where Leslie geeks out over a waffle.

Second: the scene at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History. And yes, the makeout part is in here.

As an added bonus, here’s some behind-the-scenes footage of the D.C. shoot, via Huffington Post.