Lewis = Lincoln. (DreamWorks/VIA REUTERS)

During a commercial break in last night’s mano a yawn-o, the second promo clip for Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” made its debut. Like the first trailer, it announces the film’s own Oscar-worthiness and also featured Daniel Day-Lewis as a more Lincolny Lincoln than the guy on all those pennies that annoyingly keep taking up space in your purse. But this clip is a stronger indication of how commanding Day-Lewis is in the role and, consequently, has been received more positively in the movie-trailer-evaluating blogosphere.

Seriously, based on this clip, I am pretty sure Daniel Day-Lewis actually won the debate last night. Watch it, then revisit the first trailer again and see if you agree that the second one is the better preview of a film we will undoubtedly be discussing throughout awards season.

Clip No. 2:

Clip No. 1: