The London Olympics closing ceremony took place Sunday and demonstrated several things. Among them:

View Photo Gallery: The Closing Ceremonies were a boisterous mix of the most beloved British pop music of the past 50 years.

That the Spice Girls have aged in­cred­ibly well, but their music remains as mindless as ever.

That NBC screwed up royally by not including Ray Davies’s performance of “Waterloo Sunset” in its primetime broadcast.

That Adele never showed up.

That the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” enlivens pretty much any situation, especially when it involves rollerblading nuns and Prince Harry whistling.

And that, as a Celebritology reader noted in a recent chat, Duran Duran really should have performed “Rio” as part of the official summer games handoff from the Brits to Brazil. Huge missed opportunity, closing ceremony organizers.

What else was noteworthy about the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic games? All the bizarre imagery. Let’s recap, shall we?

When Madness performs its hit “Our House,” one expects — nay, demands — to see saxophonist Lee Thompson wearing a fez and a Union Jack kilt, rising above the stadium in a nearly spread eagle position. Thankfully, the closing ceremonies did not let us down in this regard.


There is no way that the Pet Shop Boys are going to find their way to a West End town, a dead end world, when they are riding on bikes driven by dudes wearing cootie catchers on their heads. This did not stop them from trying.

(Jeff J Mitchell/GETTY IMAGES)

George Michael reminded us, via his performance of “Freedom,” that sometimes the clothes do not make the man. Unless he’s wearing a silver skull belt buckle. In which case they absolutely do.

(Charlie Riedel/AP)

One Direction sang “Defying Gravity.” No, wait, they sang “What Makes You Beautiful.” Their hair just defied gravity.

(Pascal Le Segretain/GETTY IMAGES)

It’s not a closing ceremony until Annie Lennox (love her) flies in wearing one of Stevie Nicks’s dresses.

(Charlie Riedel/AP)

Jessie J (alongside Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz) proved that when one body stocking won’t do...


... make it two.

(Pascal Le Segretain/GETTY IMAGES)

It would not have been appropriate for Eric Idle to perform his “Life of Brian” song while nailed to a cross, as originally done in the movie. So he went with the hot angels option instead.


What was most impressive about the Spice Girls last night? Their dance moves?

The part where they sang on top of cars?

(Charlie Riedel/AP)

Personally, I think it was Geri Halliwell’s epic butt bow of UK patriotism.


And lastly, because he was neglected by NBC, here is the great Ray Davies, surrounded by extras from a Tim Burton film.