From top, Chris Diamontopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso arrive at the premiere of “The Three Stooges.” (Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

Reactions to the appearance will vary, depending on how you feel about Will Sasso’s, Sean Hayes’s and Chris Diamontopoulos’s take on the Stooges based on the film’s trailers. Indeed, there are a lot of feelings to be had.

To some the appearance — which featured Sasso as Curly as Hulk Hogan getting choke- slammed by wrestler Kane — will be an enjoyable promotional stop with the revived slapstick trio. Eye poking and sound effects: Delightful!

But to others, it will serve as a reminder to how awful the film looks.

(The word “terrible” has been thrown around a lot to describe the trailer.)

Anticipating the backlash, Peter Farrelly defended his vision of the Stooges to Reuters:

“It's very tricky, as we didn't just want to do a version of them, like you might for Batman. We wanted to do Larry, Curly and Moe, exactly as you remembered them. And we wanted to please the hardcore Stooges fans first, but also bring it into a new generation of fans. They were in danger of disappearing. A lot of kids don't know them now, and we wanted to bring them back in a way that would do them justice. So we always planned to write new material and place them in the present day.”

I’m holding my tongue until the film is released Friday. I mean, how bad can a movie be if it features Larry Davis and Jane Lynch as nuns?

Oh wait — there’s also a cameo by the “Jersey Shore” people?

(via AV Club)